My journey so far (2)

So, a year in, still not pregnant, we had moved into our own 2 bed flat, work was going good, hubby and I were going on nice holidays, but one thing was missing.

I decided to go to the doctor’s to see if there was something wrong.

Luckily, he referred us straight away. I was excited to have an appointment with a specialist and hopefully see if there was anything that we could do.

5 months later, I got an appointment. 5 MONTHS!!!!!! That was a long wait. Clearly many ladies out there are dealing with what I’m dealing with.

Saw an emotionless doctor who is clearly blase about these situations. Got a blood test, got a HyCoSy, hubby did a sperm test.

Apparently, all good.

Apparently, I’m ovulating normally.

Apparently, hubby’s sperm has a decent count.

Apparently, there are no blockages in my tubes.

Apparently there is no evidence of anything that would stop us getting pregnant.


Two years into the process, this is the most frustrating news EVER. If there was something wrong then at least we could fix it!

And don’t fucking say it’s due to stress because I am not fucking stressed, ok?


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